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Stay Investment is a subsidiary of Stay Property specializing in offering unique property investment opportunities in Turkey.  Whilst the ‘Stay Property’ brand was founded only as recently as 2017, we can safely claim that today, we have evolved into one of the leading players in the field of Turkish property investment.

Since launching our first investment product in 2018 (Stay Forest Park in Avsallar), we have established a reputation as the ‘go-to’ company for secure and profitable property investment in Turkey. We operate a unique business model that allows us to offer our projects at well below the market average – as a result, around 90% of all units within our projects are sold prior to project completion.

Of course, such rapid and unprecedented growth has not been without its difficulties – only by applying patience, hard work and integrity to all we do have we been able to attain the position we find ourselves in today. These days, we believe we have the ideal platform from which we can deliver only the very best opportunities for those considering Turkey as a secure and viable property investment destination.

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History of the Company

A brief chronology of the development of Stay Investment


Commencement of construction of our 1st ever project – Stay Forest Park (Avsallar). 96% of all apartments sold prior to project completion.

March 2019

Construction commences on Exodus Residence (Mahmutlar) – the first of our ‘Exodus’ branded projects.


Commencement of construction of the Stay Forest Valley project (Avsallar) – at the time of commencement of foundation laying, 175 out of a total 180 apartments had been pre-sold! 

An increasing number of overseas investors are turning to Turkey as their property investment destination of choice – this is evidenced by the fact that, of all Turkish property purchased from overseas, nearly half of these purchases have taken place in just the last 5 years!

Capital appreciation is one of the primary considerations for real estate investment and in this respect, Turkey does not disappoint – according to the Turkish Central Bank, Turkish property prices have increased by 82% in the last 5 years!

Investors come from far and wide, including Russia and the CIS, EU member countries, the Gulf and wider Middle East region and North America.

Investment Options

An introduction to the investment packages available from Stay Investment

Stay Investment specialize in unique property investment opportunities in Turkey. There are a number of packages available, with each of these offering either a guaranteed return or ‘profit-share’ on a partnership basis.

Rental Portfolio Acquisition: Multiple-unit purchase within a single project, acquired for the purpose of generating rental income. Stay Property will guarantee this income at a fixed annual % for a period of between 3 – 5 years. Investors may opt to decline this rental guarantee and let the property through our subsidiary, ‘Stay Management’.

Package Investment Portfolio: An opportunity to invest in selected projects at the early stage construction phase and at prices significantly lower than average market value, with a buy-back and profit guarantee.

Investment Project Portfolio: Partner with us! Invest in one of our own projects, either on a guaranteed return or ‘profit-share’ basis. The guaranteed return will be dependent on the amount invested, with an investment term of 18-24 months – the ‘profit-share’ (partner participation) option seeks to generate profitability levels of 30% or higher.

Business Investment Portfolio: This includes commercial real estate such as offices, shops, land and resort hotels, with varying degrees of profitability.

Helpful Information

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Stay Investment prides itself on being open and transparent. We invite you to familiarize yourself with all relevant company documentation – this can be found in a separate section of our website (the link will open in a new window). There is also a section here that gives details about our investment guarantees (the link will also open in a new window). If this leads to further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

You can also download (below) the full presentation on Investment in Turkey – this has been prepared by the Investment Office of the President of the Republic of Turkey (invest.gov.tr) – currently, only the English version is available on our website.