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30 May 2024
Rules for Short-term Rental of Apartments in Turkey Were Simplified
Good news about short-term rentals in Turkey! Stay Property is pleased to announce that the rules for renting apartments for less than 100 days have been simplified! The new regulation was published on May 30, 2024, in the Official Gazette of the Turkish Republic resmigazete.gov.tr, ​​under number 32561. What changed: The period for reviewing an […]
20 October 2023
Reinforced concrete protection of capital from inflation. Where to invest?
Big business is being shaken from all sides. Today you are successful, and tomorrow Covid is knocking on your door. This experience taught many people to diversify their investment portfolio. Now even the solid middle class feels how much money is spent on the first couple of levels of Maslow’s pyramid. Inflation eats up money […]
09 August 2023
What Kind of Property is Profitable to Buy in Turkey in 2023
Enough analytics is available about the rise in property prices in Turkey in recent years, taking into account inflation and without. Current question for investors today:
18 July 2023
Turkish Economy News Q1 2023
A selection of current data and news from Turkey in the first quarter of 2023:
07 July 2023
MIPIF 2023: Stay Property presented new projects
Stay Property took part in international exhibitions MIPIF dedicated to investments in premium and business class overseas real estate.
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