Investment Account Reporting    

Reporting Protocol

Stay Investment provides the most transparent accounting system allowing you to see exactly how your investment is performing

Stay Investment is the foremost Turkish real estate investment company, providing a seamless and open investment control system that allows clients access to investment performance indicators at all times: 

  1. After signing the Investment Agreement, the company’s technical specialists will provide you with access to your personal account hosted on the website – access to this account will be via a log-in name and password, unique to each investor.
  2. Within this personal account, all Investment Agreement conditions (as specified) in the written agreement will be duplicated digitally: the amount of the investment, the conditions for the return on investment, the actual return on investment. Your account will also include a scan of the original signed Investment Agreement and any pertinent appendices. .
  3. The functionality of the Investor’s personal account may include (depending on the type of investment chosen by you):
    1. Access to a 24 hours ‘real-time’ camera in order to view construction progress (for those investors whose investment pertains to construction projects).
    2. Monthly photographic reporting of construction progress status.
    3. Regular price-list updates (without disclosing personal data of investor), and the conditions under which certain units were sold –  any discounts, installment plan or individual payment schedule etc. This will give the investor the opportunity to independently track the dynamics of the return on investment.
    4. Publication of all permits relating to the construction.
    5. And any other items as specified in the Investment Agreement.
    6. Stay Investment undertakes to publish in the investor’s personal account all accounting information related to the costs of building a project, attaching scanned copies of all invoices and receipts etc. relating to payments made. This will give the Investor the opportunity to independently exercise control over the spending of investment funds.