Investor Guarantees and Security    

What Guarantees do we give?

Information in respect of those guarantees that we give to investors.

We offer all our clients the option of notarization (by the Public Notary) of any investment agreement. In law, a notarized agreement has several advantages over one that has not been notarized. The fees in respect of this notarization will be paid by the client.

A notarized agreement is a legal document and the notary will ensure:

  • That the investment agreement is lawful.
  • That the client fully understands the terms and conditions within.
  • That both parties are bound by these terms and conditions.
  • That both parties have legal capacity to sign the agreement.
  • That both parties have entered into the agreement with true intentions.
  • That the real estate subject to the agreement is lawful and can be constructed and sold without restrictions.

The notary must certify that the parties sign the agreement voluntarily and are of sound mind.

If any of the parties misplaces the original notarized agreement, this can be duplicated at the notary office.

Stay Property will issue security bonds for both any amounts invested and the guaranteed return on investment as specified in the investment agreement.

A security bond (or bill of exchange) is a document that gives an unconditional obligation to Stay Investment that this company pay, to the investor, a specified amount of money to the investor at the end of the specified investment term.

As as part of the fulfilment of the obligations of the investment agreement, the Stay Investment company can impose an encumbrance (ipotek) on that real estate (under construction) that is the subject of the investment agreement. The number of real estate unit/s subject to this encumbrance will be equivalent to the amounts of funds invested by the investor. This encumbrance ensures that those specified units may not be sold to any third party.

As part of the fulfilment of the obligations of the investment agreement, the Stay Investment company will issue a TAPU (title of ownership) for each real estate unit/s within a project under construction. The number of units subject to these titles of ownership will be equal to the amount of funds invested.